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with Active Protection from Ransomware, built on Acronis Technology

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Hosted in Sydney, Cloud Backup provides reliable, salable data protection for enterprise, small business and home consumers.

Backup & Restore — Anytime, Anywhere.

Simple Installation

Sign-up, Install and begin worry-free back up

Local, Network Attached and Cloud

Supports industry best-practice "3-2-1" backup methodology

Off-site plus network attached and local backup with full system images and Individual files.


10 GB

$ 4.99

50 GB

$ 15.99

100 GB

$ 19.99

500 GB

$ 79.99

1 TB

$ 149.99

Annual Plans

Save 25%

10 GB

$ 44.91

50 GB

$ 143.91

100 GB

$ 179.91

500 GB

$ 719.91

1 TB

$ 1349.91


Off-site hybrid backup can save your business thousands

With Ransomware and malware infection becoming a black-hat commercial industry in the past few years, cloud backup offers real protection against your data being locked-up and encrypted by unscrupulous fraudsters.

Documents, photos, media and system files are often targeted by well-established and well-resourced bands of criminals who target individuals and organisations' digital assets.

IT Support Providers and System Administrators

Small to medium business IT departments and providers are under increasing pressure to do more with less while dealing with an ever-increasing variety of systems and data types.

With simple off-site backup subscription licensing models, your company can enjoy attractive pricing and eliminate the burden on the balance sheet by shifting from a large capital expense into a predictable and easily approved fixed operational expense.

Better still, your organisation can back up more data, back up more systems, and IT service providers can back up more customers.

Subscription licensing is very straightforward. One solution protects any virtual or physical system and applications, which significantly simplifies the procurement process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once your backup service is fully implemented, we recommend a full restore onto a test virtual machine on a monthly basis to ensure a correct understanding of the restoration procedure and for peace of mind.

Our data protection plans are deigned to meet the requirements of the Australian Medical Industry, specifically HIPPA standards compliance. Your data is encrypted during transport end-to-end and finally stored using AES 256-Bit Encryption.

Your data never leaves Australia and we never analyse, inspect, sell or rent your data. We verify file integrity using checksums – a unique checksum is calculated for each file on the client side and is matched at the data centre. Our staff and data centre partners can only ever see file names, file sizes and checksums. This data is used only for reporting, billing and data integrity verification only.

You can – but how do you know that your backup is usable? Our data is spread across multiple redundant machines inside the datacentre. We run CPU intensive integrity checks after every backup to ensure integrity.

We’re an open and transparent business that believes in mutual benefit of trade – including when it comes to our pricing. Our profit is derived from volume discounts and our end-user price model is designed to be competitive with similar offerings from larger, yet much less accommodating and caring backup solution providers.

Check to make sure you are comparing similar products:

  • Our backup is stored in Australia, which is a major difference between us and the competition.
  • Our local support team can assist with your implementation at no additional charge.
  • We can seed your backup – Don’t wait months for an initial backup and for your protection to kick in. Check out this story from Forbes.


Most Importantly – Restore Time – Our service is designed for business, with features designed to keep you running in the event of a data disaster. If you backup your server online, chances are we can have it up and running remotely, within 15 minutes of a call from you.

If your hardware has been stolen or destroyed, you can use any laptop or desktop machine connected to the internet to continue serving your customers, treating your patients or servicing your clients.

Price Guarantee – If our competition can provide everything mentioned above at a better price then please inform us. We will evaluate any alternatives and work with our supplier to ensure everyone gets a better deal going forward.

How do we stack up?

Features & Highlights

Australian Datacentre
 Regular Test Recovery encouraged with no Bandwidth or Filesize limitations
Onsite & Remote Support Available
Full Backup Cloud Provider – Simple Cloud Storage is not designed to recover systems
Local ‘Initial Seeding’ when bandwidth is a concern
Capability to store multiple backup sets in separate locations
Compliant with Australian Privacy Regulations
Customisable Automated Reporting and Alerts
Assistance available to ensure recovery works as expected, prior to a disaster taking place
Disaster Recovery Policy Development











Uploads only sections of files which have changed


End-to-End encryption during transport and at rest


Local, Network Attached & Cloud


Download - Choose Files - Relax