Remote IT Monitoring & Management

Costs Calculator

Active Ransomware Protection

Dedicated Account / Site Manager

Customisable Reporting and Alerts (Email & SMS)

Site Security Dashboard and Network Control Panel

24/7 Helpdesk Access

Disaster Recovery Planning

Local and Cloud Backup

Patch & Update Management

Performance, Availability and Security Monitoring

Anti-Malware (Antivirus) and Internet Security Software

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      Monitoring List

      Network Devices
      • Throughput
      • Port Availability
      • Firewall / Isolation Management
      • Error Rate

      PBX System and VoIP Phones
      • Two-way Service Availability
      • Minimum Bandwidth Available
      • VoIP Device Bandwidth Availability

      PVR System and IP Cameras
      • Recording Status & Service Availability
      • Hard Disk Space / Health
      • Image Update Rate (Is the image actually updating or frozen)

      • Network User Utilisation
      • Consumable Status
      • Service Availability / Error Rate

      • Uptime
      • Disk Space / Health
      • Memory Utilization
      • Updates Managed with Backup
      • Network Throughput
      • DNS / Internet Time Availability (Security)
      • Ransomware Protection & Malware Monitoring plus Removal
      • Firewall & Network Security Management
      • Services Availability
      • Critical Events (Hardware failure, out-of-range exceptions)

      • Disk Space / Health
      • Memory Utilisation
      • Managed Updates
      • Network Throughput
      • Ransomware & Malware Monitoring plus removal

      Plus we can customise monitoring for any device with an IP address or terminal access.