Professionally installed ExACT software update

ExACT v12.11

Released 21st of December, 2017

Zero Disruptions

Choose to Install outside of regular practice hours and on weekends at no extra cost

Complimentary Backup

ExACT data is encrypted, backed up and verified locally. For extra protection, optional Sydney-based cloud backup is included free of charge for 30 days

Professionally Installed ExACT Software Update

Select a date

Enter practice details

An IT engineer will contact you at your practice in order to verify that the IT environment meets SOEI recommended minimum standards

A verified backup is taken and the ExACT database is checked for integrity

The ExACT v12.10 update is installed and each workstation link tested

Following a final database integrity check, an outcome notification is sent via SMS and email to a nominated contact

Disaster Averted

Engineers available in every Australian capital city within six hours of initially being assigned. If we're unable to update, we'll restore your backup and provide advice on the steps necessary to resolve the issue.

Update Now, Pay Later

Your practice will receive a follow-up call on the morning following the update. An invoice will then be issued via email with a full 14 days until we ask that you pay.

Safe and Hassle Free

Your ExACT database is backed up on your network or server. Complimentary encrypted cloud backup, stored in a safe Sydney datacentre is available at no extra cost for 30 days.

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Remotely Installed ExACT Software Update

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All pricing is inclusive of GST. Remote Installation service is available within Australia only.

ExACT v12.10

Feature Updates

Software of Excellence International ExACT V12.10 introduces new features, security enhancements and an increased focus on privacy and regulatory compliance

With changes to the Australian privacy act coming into effect in February 2018, SOEI is preparing so that your practice is compliant.
The Communication Concent feature adds customisable disclaimer text and the ability to easily gain consent from new patients to receive appointment or practice related communications using SOEI backend providers.
The default disclaimer text makes clear that any personal information provided to third parties are used for clinical-related communications only, and is not related to practice marketing of any sort.
Other important updates include minor bug fixes and enhancements, along with the ability to encrypt database columns.

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